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Great music is useless without the right gear to play it on! Jim has the right equipment to keep the music pumping and your guests dancing. He relies on some of the best manufacturers in the industry such as QSC, Shure, Numark, Electro-Voice, FBT and others. And Jim doesn't show up to an event without backup gear. Even the best equipment fails sometimes, and if it does, he'll be ready to keep the party going with minimum interruption. You should always ask a prospective DJ if they carry back-up gear.

QSC AudioShure

Music Library

Some "Craigslist DJ's" get their music from less-than-reputable sources... but not Jim. He gets all the latest music from industry-recognized providers like Promo Only and PrimeCuts. And his library of oldies and other classic tunes has been painstakingly ripped from thousands of purchased CD's, using cutting edge technologies like the AccurateRip database and LAME MP3 encoder. Jim encodes all of his MP3s at an industry standard 320kbps CBR true stereo using the "slow (highest quality) setting on LAME 3.99. His collection spans all genres and decades, including 20th century Jazz, Big Band and Swing, 50's and 60's oldies, Country, Classic Rock, Rap/Hip-Hop, R&B, Disco, 70's, New Wave, 80's, 90's, EDM and the latest top 40 hits. And if Jim doesn't have it, he'll GET it!

Promo OnlyPrimeCuts by TM Studios

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