Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of music do you play?

The REAL question is -- what kind of music do you want to hear? You're the client -- it's not about my personal tastes! I have, and am extremely familiar with, just about any type of music you can think of. We're talking old jazz (think Glenn Miller), Motown (Temptations anyone?), oldies, 70s, disco, 80s, new wave, 90s, country (from George Strait to Florida Georgia Line), and the latest top 40, EDM, and hip-hop (I know when that hotline bling...). Part of my value as a professional DJ is the ability to "read the crowd" at your event and tailor the music to them. I gauge their reactions to different artists, genres, etc., and adjust to ensure the dance floor is packed. And if your event doesn't have a dance floor -- no problem. I frequently get compliments on my dinner and cocktail hour selections. Whatever the occasion, I can provide the perfect music. The one caveat -- I am not particularly knowledgeable on World music. If you are having a type of event that requires a particularly dedicated playlist of culturally-specific music, I am happy to help you find someone more suited to your needs. I want you to have the best event possible -- whether you hire me or not!

Do you have your own equipment?

I'm actually surprised at how often I get this question. Who advertises themselves as a mobile/event DJ and doesn't have their own gear? Now, there are special situations -- such as particularly large outdoor events -- where I may rent additional equipment to adequately provide clear, high quality sound coverage. However, those instances are few and far between; the equipment I have is high quality and typically exceeds the requirements for most weddings and parties. If a DJ doesn't own any audio equipment, you'll definitely want to ask them why. Being intimately familiar with your audio equipment is critical in ensuring an event free of audio glitches, poor sound quality, and "technical difficulties." While these unfortunate things do happen to even the seasoned professional DJ, using equipment you know and trust is just one less risk. Learn more about the equipment I use over at my Music & Gear page.

Are you Licensed?

This is an interesting question. My answer may surprise you: no! I am not licensed. In fact, no DJ -- at least in Pennsylvania -- is a "Licensed DJ." I DO have what's called a Sales & Use Tax license, but this serves only as a mechanism for paying taxes on certain business purchases (e.g. online or out-of-state) where I wasn't charged sales tax by the retailer or seller. There is no such thing as a DJ License in Pennsylvania or in any other state that I'm aware of. There are various trade organizations, such as the United States Disc Jockey Assocation -- of which I am a founding member -- along with the National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.) and the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA). Membership with any of these organizations, however, do not constitute a "license." Please ask for clarification any time a DJ claims to be "licensed."

What makes you better than all of the other DJs out there?

Ok, full disclosure: I almost never get this question. But YOU - the prospective client - SHOULD BE ASKING IT! Let's be honest, there are a TON of mobile DJs out there. You probably found me by doing a Craigslist or Google search... how many other results for DJs came up? 25? 50? 100? How do you know which one to pick?

There are many good DJs in our area. But one thing that sets me apart is personalized attention. I want to make sure ALL of the details of your event are taken care of -- even if they have nothing to do with music! (I typically book one event per weekend; some DJs do multiple events in ONE day!)

Do you have dance floor lights?

Yes, I have basic dance floor lighting. This isn't going to be a Tiesto concert-grade system, but it will definitely add that party atmosphere to your wedding or party! Of course, if you don't want lights -- I won't use them. It's all up to you! NOTE: I do not have a fog/smoke machine and never will. Most wedding venues and rental halls don't allow them these days anyway.

How do I book you for an event?

When you contact me about my services for an upcoming event, the fist thing I do is provide you a written quote. I may ask you some additional questions prior to sending the quote just to ensure I understand your needs adequately to provide a fair price. If you choose to book me (I'm sure you will!), then I will fill out a written contract for you to review and sign. A signed contract and a 50% deposit are required to secure my services for your event. The contract protects both of us. It is a few pages long, but I've attempted to minimize the length and any hard-to-read "legal language." Please, if you do have any concerns, don't hesitate to ask! Finally, at the conclusion of the event, you'll be SO THRILLED with my services that you'll be happy to write me the check for the remaining 50% balance! (Ok, that last sentence was a bit corny... my apologies). But seriously, I try to answer your questions and allow you to choose whether or not to hire me on your own terms. I won't pressure you, and I won't blind-side you with any "sign now or my price will go up!" stuff. Unless your needs drastically change, the price in my initial quote will be the price you pay.